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DB9 Volante

This luxurious Q DB9 Volante is inspired by fashion and given a distinct character by its special blush pearl leather interior paired with a coolness of Piano Ice Mocha seen on full waterfall with matching door grabs. The blanket style stitch running the length of the central spine of the interior and featured on the seats is inspired by luxury furniture. The drop-in mats are indulged with lambswool fleeces and framed by equestrian saddle leather frames in a classic saddle tan. A gorgeous pink Rhodachrosite stone is inlaid into the Q buckle badge strapped to the console.

Vanquish Volante

This car was inspired by Aston Martin’s sporting heritage.
Painted in Frosted Silver from the Q palette. An effect silver with superior light to dark travel, full of effect and flake metallic. The sporting Graphite finish of the 10-spoke wheels matches the Frosted Silver which are set against the more classic feel of the polished callipers which pick up on the matching Aston Martin wings badges and Q badges in Solid Sterling Silver with a heritage cream enamel inlay.

V12 Vantage S

The brief for this commission was simple: “I have always wanted a purple Aston, build me one.” Despite the playfulness this car also has sporting intent as seen in the full carbon fibre facia and interior pack including even the Q sill plaques. The rotaries controls on the facia are something special: each one hand wound from a single filament of carbon fibre to give it an intriguing lustre and tactility. Many of the larger, brighter parts are anodised black: handbrake grip, c-pillar struts and rear panel finisher to enhance this serious side. The painted graphic on the facia highlights the start and drive buttons and points your eye to the horizon. Go.

Vanquish Coupe

The sporting character of the Vanquish coupe is amplified in this car with powerful colours, bold contrasts and above all exaggerated and enlarged carbon fiber weave structure. Ensconced in the Obsidian Black leather interior the carbon theme is continued with a printed leather in a design called Helix, inspired by the idea of a carbon molecule helix and influenced by experimental rapid prototyped furniture. Over your head running like a spine down the centre of the car the Helix print is set on an unbroken expanse of leather headliner panel, and is revealed again in the door panels. The final flourish is the Q logo embossed on the leather of the head restraints in bold relief.

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