DBS Superleggera Full Titanium Exhaust System

The DBS Titanium Exhaust System uses motorsport grade titanium to give high strength from a thinner gauge of material, bringing lightweight benefits whilst withstanding high temperatures. This specialist material enables the full system to shed 11.05kg of material weight which is 35% lighter than the stainless steel system fitted as standard.

Not only this, the titanium has superior material qualities, especially when applied to an exhaust. The material gives an enhanced “raspier” character to the exhaust note, naturally producing a more aggressive sound from the quad tailpipes.

Furthermore, the Aston Martin engineers have optimized the tune of the Full Titanium Exhaust System, increasing the overall volume of the system with a more engaging character on the overrun. Overall the system is designed to have a race track feel and more engaging sporty note.

The Titanium Exhaust System will be available with two different tailpipe finishers. Bright Finishers, offering a visual differentiation to the standard stainless steel system or Black Finishers for a dark and subtle effect. Both finishers sport a Zirotec coating to ensure continued heat resistance to the high temperature gases and have also undergone extensive sound optimization, to ensure the Full Titanium Exhaust System’s sound potential is fully unleashed.